Zen Mentoring - Forty Meditations

EPUB EBook by Earl R. Smith II

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The true measure of the value of any book is not the time that you spend reading it but the time you spent thinking about what you have read. Zen Mentoring - EPUB Forty Meditations EPUB EBook This is never truer than with a book like this one. I will have succeeded if I give you some things that you consider worth thinking about. You will succeed to the extent that, in thinking about what you read, you make changes in your life and grow as a result.

This is not a book to read quickly through cover to cover. Each meditation is designed as a “thinking piece”. The first, and most important, task when beginning to read one of them is to discover what the core issue is. The meditations have been carefully crafted so that each one contains at least one core idea. Once you discover that core idea, the rest of the meditation is designed to give you fuel for your “thinking fire”.

At the end of every meditation you will find an assignment. They are designed to highlight the focus of what you have just read and to guide you when thinking about it. My experience has been that the process of writing down your thoughts will magnify the benefits that you receive from going through the book. I recommend that you avoid simply reading the assignments and then casually skimming over your responses. In fact, your approach will be a direct reflection of how seriously you are taking the project of claiming authorship of your own life. Like this book? Read online this: The Second Most Important Book You Will Ever Read, The Elements of Mentoring.

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