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This is overall a good book. Zen Et Vie Quotidienne EPUB EBookThere was at least a certain sincerity about it which I suspect is hard to find.

It was difficult for me in many ways.First the discussion zazen was a bit hard to follow, and second the easier- EPUBto-follow bits of the book involved hearing kinds of things I didn't want to hear.But it was sort of good practice in taking things as they are, and not knee-jerk judging, knee-jerk opining.Three things I found frustrating in particular:

1. I was a bit disturbed to see Master Deshimaru (a) seeming to engage in a bit of woo-woo magical thinking and (b) making medical claims. :-(And the "secret techniques known to Zen masters but hidden to avoid abuse" stuff makes me think I'm in Tibetan Buddhism or something.Sigh!(Although luckily, this was about health protection and not about the Way or reaching enlightenment or whatever).Mushotoku still alive and well in this book, my
precious little illusions safe and sound.

Oh well...

I guess even the Buddha himself believed in literal reincarnation (if I understand Buddhism without Beliefs).Doesn't mean we have to.Likewise, seeking the Way doesn't have to mean accepting Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Metal as being a sound basis for understanding human illnesses or that acupuncture actually works (all the while accepting the claim that lots of zazen probably heightened Deshimaru's perceptions enough that he probably *could* tell how somebody was doing physically by the sound of their voice whilst chanting the Heart Sutra).

2. I wasn't not so keen on the seemingly very literal your bad action will result in something bad happening to you individually take on karma. Nor do I think that (bear with me folks, I'm seriously cherry-picking here) quotes like « Narcissisme, fé download; tichisme, sadisme, masochisme, homosexualité sont de mauvaises pratiques et entraînent un mauvais karma » will go down really well in this day and age. (Gor some reason it triggers in me an image of an innocent/sincere guy - not some kind of say Christian fanatic). Later on in the book, he does say the much more subtle [or at least his disciples interpreting his Zenglish] « Beaucoup pensent que le karma se réduit à une relation cause à effet.C'est une erreur. Le karma n'a pas l'aspect irrévocable et mystérieux qui caractérise le destin. ».Much better.

3. This trope-y Arrogant Scientist language: « L'erreur des scientistes a été de vouloir ériger en loi universelle leur science partielle et limitée »I suspect here scientiste here isn't scientist (scientifique?) but people with the science-religion... but even still, ARGH... I want to scream here, NO! The whole point is that we don't know everything, that we get things wrong but that we keep subjecting our not-knowing and potential wrongness to evidence, changing our beliefs, correcting ourselves, always unlearning, unlearning, relearning.The sort of Science is Not What You Think, that it's not about Answers so much as Questions and the systematic unpicking of Bad Answers [and all our answers are bad answers] but then what do I know?I'm not a scientist myself.

Anyway, minor details... Like this book? Read online this: Family Room (Good Things Book 3), Understanding Social Exclusion.

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