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Bestselling author Jean Carper reveals the astonishing new discoveries that have caused brain researchers to completely revise their ideas about the brain's marvelous capabilities for change through "nutritional neuroscience. Your Miracle Brain EPUB EBook" In this amazing book you will learn how you can mold your brain to optimize memory, intelligence mental achievement, and mood by eating the right foods and taking specific brain- EPUBboosting supplements: from common vitamin E to alpha-lipoic acid, ginkgo biloba, and coenzyme Q10. Here, too, is astounding information on raising your children's IQ before they are born; download; which vitamins can boost intelligence and memory; how high blood pressure can shrink your brain; what foods to eat to sharpen memory and rejuvenate brain cells, and much more. Like this book? Read online this: Brain Mold, More Adventures of the Great Brain (Great Brain #2).

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