Your Five-Year-Old

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A five- EPUByear-old is a wonderful, fun-loving, exuberant child. Your Five-Year-Old EPUB EBook But what’s going on inside that five-year-old head? What stages of development does a child this age go through, and what should parents know that can help their five-year-old handle this impressionable year? Recognized authorities on child behavior and development, Drs. Ames and Ilg answer these and many other questions, offering both invaluable practical advice and enlightening psychological insights.

Included in this book:
• Characteristics of age Five
• The child and others
• Discipline
• Accomplishments and abilities
• The child’s mind
• School
• The five-year-old party
• Individuality
• Stories from real life
• Good books and toys for Fives
• Books for parents

“Louise Bates Ames and her colleagues synthesize a lifetime of observation of children, consultation, and discussion with parents. These books will help parents to better understand their children and will guide them through the fascinating and sometimes trying experiences of modern parenthood.”—Donald J. Cohen, M.D., Director, Yale Child Study Center, Irving B. Harris Professor of Child Psychiatry, Pediatrics, and Psychology, Yale School of Medicine Like this book? Read online this: Marital Relationship of Parents and the Emotionally Disturbed Child, 2014 VIRGO Your Full Year Horoscopes For The Wood Horse Year (2014 Suzanne White's Western Astrology Horoscope Books).

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