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The increasingly faster changing trends and attitudes about life are also logically reflected in the design. Young European Designers EPUB EBook In the era of mass production, media giants and time where 'average' is expanding at an alarming rate, it is more important than ever to tackle new dimensions in design. Design does not stop at the product's wrapper, one cannot look at one's very own design work in isolation any longer, and integrated thinking is required. EU expansion is now fully underway, markets are becoming global and as a result, product and design requirements are becoming increasingly complex. On the way to a multi- EPUBcultural society, products are required that are understood beyond the cultural borders. But what identifies or characterizes young European design? The answers are several and varying, rather than just one. Some of the works that were subjectively selected here have been awarded the highest design awards, other are still in concept phase or are waiting for a manufacturer and marketing as prototypes. The book shows what is happening in the young European design scene. As one can see, things are moving! Like this book? Read online this: Leckie - HIGHER PRODUCT DESIGN GRADE BOOSTER, CSS3 for Web Designers.

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