Young Children's Talent Education & Its Method

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This book is addressed to Japanese audience in 1949. Young Children's Talent Education & download; Its Method EPUB EBook It is still appropriate and I'm grateful for educators such as Shinichi Suzuki and Maria Montessori who believes that children are talented and can be nurtured toward excellence through education. A few things I learned from Suzuki's book: the power of habit and focus on one thing. It is important to practice only 10 minutes a day than 30 minutes once in 3 days, and concentrate only on one thing to excellence and also fix one bad habit at a time. These are very simple but true! There are many books with new and improved technique and tricks, but the old and true method still works. Like this book? Read online this: The Theatre Practice of Tadashi Suzuki, Teach Young Children to Sew.

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