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Often just as impenetrable and abstruse as you fear - EPUB Susan Sontag's introductory essay to the 1968 English translation is enormously helpful in suggesting what to look for and laying out the ground rules of Barthes' thought - also by suggesting which essays to start with (not at the beginning). Writing Degree Zero EPUB EBook
Inevitably a reader educated in the Anglo-American tradition, first language English, is going to retain a bit of ethnocentrism, so it is good medicine to read someone for whom "literature" means "French literature" and "language" means French; download; it does make me want to get a much better grip on things I feel I have only plodded through (Flaubert).
Also interesting, at this remove from when he was criticizing and being criticized - by now any educated American has at least taken a stab at, and possibly even enjoyed (!), Robbe-Grillet, Beckett and Queneau, all of whom were considered examples of Barthes esotericism when he was championing them in the 1950s. Like this book? Read online this: Bhagavadgita with an Introductory Essay, Sanskrit Text, English Translation and Notes, Crimes to the Third Degree.

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