Wow, It's A Cow!

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31 August 2011
We read this again for Fritz's bedtime story. Wow, It's A Cow! EPUB EBookI must be getting old as I do not recall reading this previously.

After a long day in Wildwood riding the rides and saying adios to summer, Fritz climbed into his bed.He made certain that all his stuffed animals were there with him to welcome his new friends won today on the boardwalk.He's so cute.

Fritz seemed to be able to read the text beneath the flip tabs; download; perhaps he merely has this memorized.I'll have to check that.

Anyhow, a fun read!


I selected this book off the shelf for Fritz's bedtime story.I don't ever recall reading this book, although Fritz was familiar with it.

It's a short, but fun read.The farmer tells us to look out for a cow at the beginning of the book.Each subsequent double- EPUBpage presents in rhyme a different farm animal that is not a cow.Fritz had fun announcing the animal that rhymed.He would then lift the flap to reveal the animal.The end, of course, brings out the cow.We all love happy endings.

There's some nice language in this short book.Each animal has onomatopoeia associated with it.In addition, words such as bough, absurd, and weep provide a richer read for my young man.

We had such a good time, Beetle came in to find out what we were reading.
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