World War II in the Mediterranean, 1942-1945

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This is a very concise ( appox 200 pgs ) look at the Mediterrean Theater from Operation Torch, November 1942, to the eventual German surrender in Northern Italy in May of 1945. World War II in the Mediterranean, 1942- EPUB1945 EPUB EBookThe author touches all the major events of those two and half years.He not only looks at the battles, but the personalities of the major commanders, both Allied and Axis and how they affected the battles they fought.

In writing about the North African Campaign, LTC D 'Este makes a point of pointing out the distain the British commanders had for the American Army.That distain was for the highest commanders down to the front line infantryman.That distain was earned with the Americans performance at Kasserine.The author felt that the British never really got over that distain and it effected the relations between the Allies thru to the end war.The author makes a point of bringing up the improvement of both the fighting capability and generalship of the Americans both in North Africa and later in Sicily and Italy.

In evaluating the senior commanders, the author has plenty of criticisms for all of them, except maybe Patton and Montgomery.He faults the Army Group Commander, Field Marshall Alexander, for having too light of hand and not imposing his will on his senior commanders, first Monty and later Clark.Montgomery is portrayed as extremely competent, but very independent.Clark comes off poorly.He is portrayed as letting his feelings for the British, he disliked them intensely, affect his tactical decisions, at Salerno, the battles at the Gustav line (Casino and the Rapido River) and finally the break out from Anzio.Even Ike comes in for criticism - mainly in his decision not to fire Fredendall before Kasserine Pass and his failure to impose some sort of control over the planning process for the invasions of Sicily and Italy.For the most part outside of Montgomery, the British Generals come of as second raters, probably promoted a step beyond there ability.

On the other hand after the German surrender in Tunisia, the German commanders all come in for praise for the way they handled both the Battle for Sicily and the retreat up the Italian peninsula.About the only major German commander who comes in for criticism in Von Arnim for his lack of cooperation with Rommel in North Africa.

The author not only looks at the battles that were fought, he also looks at the planning or lack of it on the Allies part.It seems that all thru out the campaign the Allied planning left something to be desired.He quotes Montgomery on several occasions complaining about the lack of grip and how badly planned operations were in Sicily and Italy.

All in all this a good overview of the campaign in the Mediterranean, but people looking for a deep understanding of the events in the Theater should probably look further.

Due to the short length of the book my rating is 3.75 stars rounded up to 4 for goodreads Like this book? Read online this: American Civil War Commanders (4), British Naval Aviation in the Mediterranean During World War II.

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