World Film Locations New York

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World Film Locations: New York is a visually compelling and incisively written examination, and celebration, of New York’s unique place in cinema. World Film Locations New York EPUB EBook Essays focusing on quintessential New York filmmakers like Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese and those of the Beat movement are presented alongside others on key features of the New York landscape and role of the city in the imaginations of filmmakers and viewers. Over 45 reviews of location- EPUBspecific scenes from films made and set in New York present a varied and thought-provoking collage of the city onscreen. Some scenes are iconic – King Kong scaling the Empire State Building – while others show the often un-discussed extent of New York’s role in filmmaking. The book is illustrated throughout with evocative, scene-specific screengrabs, stills of filming locations as they appear now and city maps that include location information for those keen to follow the ‘cinematic trail’ of this most photographed city, making World Film Locations: New York a guide for film fans wishing to tour New York either physically or in the imagination. Like this book? Read online this: A Parent's Guide to New York City, World Film Locations.

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