Women's Rites/Scenes From The Erotic Imagination

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Revisiting old favorites (on the heels of Alain Robbe- EPUBGrillet's Topology of a Phantom City), very pleased here, to rediscover, to remember, what it was precisely that not only fascinates about this book, but about bdsm play in general: the ceremony, the ritual, the artifice, the mise-en-scene, the theater. Women's Rites/Scenes From The Erotic Imagination EPUB EBook

Catherine Robbe-Grillet wanders the underground gay sex playgrounds of the late-70s, she creates a martyrdom of St Sebastian using eggs (echoing not only Story of the Eye, but also, as she calls out in the text, her husband's film Slow Slidings of Pleasure. Later, the planning, the decadent insistences, the pure play that the private theater becomes. Performance art as life, pushing towards the impossible, almost crossing over into it; download; satisfaction.

Questionable, though understandable, when CRG introduces the idea that anything but a pure seriousness impeaches upon the untouchable heights of BDSM sensuality— a refusal that I understand in terms of a conception of theater, of artifice, but I find at odds with what I've learned from Bataille, that laughter is part of this extremity, not out of hiding but out of an essential need.

Translation done in the 80s finds occasional choices which one would question now (the repeated use of referring to a black man as "the black" throughout the text, for instance), but what's important here are the tableaux that the text presents. Like this book? Read online this: Text and the City, The Ultimate Erotic Short Story Collection 49 - 11 Steamingly Hot Erotica Books For Women.

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