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Here’s something I just realized, about ten years too late: Greek is really, really hard. Women of Trachis EPUB EBookAll you ambitious youngsters out there contemplating a fast- EPUBpaced career in classics, take it from me: Ancient Greek will break your heart.I’ve been sweating over this infernal language for more than a decade, off and on, and even now I don’t read it so much as piece it together, clause by tortuous clause.You can, with a bilingual edition of Dante and a good dictionary, teach yourself Italian in six months.Klingon, I understand, is even easier.So be smart, kids: study a nice, friendly modern language, or better yet, take kinesiology and drink your face off for four years.

The perverse thing is, I’m not even all that interested in Greek literature.I just can’t get into Sophocles or Aristophanes the way I can Shakespeare or Beckett.The habits of thought and feeling that inform the Iliad or The Peloponnesian War are so alien to me that to read these books is to engage in an act of gross misprision.It’s simply unavoidable.As Louis MacNeice (a classics man himself) put it:

And how one can imagine oneself among them
I do not know; download;
It was all so unimaginably different
And all so long ago.

So if I still read Greek, it’s no longer for the various snobbish and high-minded reasons I started out with.My only excuse now is that it’s become an intellectual compulsion.Everybody with an IQ over 80 needs an outlet for the odd millijoules of mental energy left over from the struggle to make a living.Some people do crosswords; I do Greek.

Oh, but you were probably expecting some passing reference, at least, to the book under review. Truth be told, I’m only at the mid-point and I’m planning to switch over to English for the last half, so I can’t actually quote unquote review the play yet (and anyway, what kind of asshole condescends to review Sophocles?On a social networking site, no less?Right, I forgot – the same kind of asshole who airily dismisses Troilus and Cressida.)But, come on, it’s a Greek tragedy.What else do you need to know?Some shit will go down; good people will suffer; death will be histrionic.It’s Titanic on a community-theatre budget, written by a poetic genius.There, now I’ve just airily dismissed The Women of Trachis, too.I am an asshole.
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