Wolf Bait (Savage Wolf Pack, #1)

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Sam grew up next door to a house full of hot as hell Russian brothers, but something about the boys was always off. Wolf Bait (Savage Wolf Pack, #1) EPUB EBook When Sam moves back to town after seven years he finds all five brothers still live there, but the oldest, Yuri, isn’t happy with Sam’s return. He claims Sam is wolf’s bait and that he needs the five sexy brothers to protect him. But Yuri’s protection comes at the price of Sam’s sexual freedom. Will the young man give into Yuri’s advances?

This 6,500 word story contains hot M/M sex, oral sex and a dominant werewolf. Like this book? Read online this: Yuri Hime Wildrose 6 (Yuri Hime Wildrose #6), A Wolf's Savage Embrace.

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