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There is a new picture book out abut Jane Goodall and I was looking for that when I found this one. With Love EPUB EBookSince I am focusing on more picture books to round out my knowledge for my younger clientele, and to assist my Book- EPUBa-Day Challenge, I grabbed this one.I remember being fascinated and baffled by Jane Goodall as an adolescent so this was an interesting selection.
As I searched for this title on GoodReads, I didn't realize how prolific Jane Goodall had been in writing over the decades.She is a very busy lady. The copyright on this selection was 1994 and I know she hasn't slowed up in her quest to protect the ape world.
This particular book shared 10 case study/stories of examples of chimpanzee compassion and acts of love. Through these stories she actually also shares extensive details of typical chimpanzee behaviors and habitat.The illustrations by Alan Marks, are not as flashy as some we are used to in current picture books. They do however, have a certain poignancyand simplicity to them that enhances each story.
As always I can find a way to use this in a compilation or inquiry into the primate world.One middle-grade fiction that comes to mind is "Hurt Go Happy" by Ginny RobyHurt Go Happy Like this book? Read online this: Who Is Jane Goodall?, Love Magick. Big book of love spells, potions and oils..

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