Wishing Star

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I really liked this holiday story. Wishing Star EPUB EBook It has a touch of magic with a Christmas wish come true, adorable characters, and was as sweet as I expected.

Patric is very lonely and nothing seems to be going his way when he sees a falling star. Not really expecting anything to change, but too desperate not to make a wish, he expresses his desire to meet the gorgeous neighbor he's been admiring for months. I loved the way Patric had trouble adapting to his luck, and how he kept thinking that he didn't want to wake up if this was a dream.

Gabriel is truly gorgeous, inside and out. He was about to take the first step in meeting Patric when the other man 'magically falls into his lap'. I loved how determined Gabriel was to let Patric know how special he thinks he is, how he took everything in stride.

If you're looking for a sweet read with a touch of magic, this is a great book for you. It reads like a fairy tale.

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