Wisdom And Destiny

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. Wisdom And Destiny EPUB EBook..This essay on Wisdom and Destiny was to have been a thing of some twenty pages, the work of a fortnight; download; but the idea took root, others flocked to it, and the volume has occupied M. Maeterlinck continuously for more than two years. It has much essential kinship with the "Treasure of the Humble," though it differs therefrom in treatment; for whereas the earlier work might perhaps be described as the eager speculation of a poet athirst for beauty, we have here rather the endeavour of an earnest thinker to discover the abode of truth. And if the result of his thought be that truth and happiness are one, this was by no means the object wherewith he set forth. Here he is no longer content with exquisite visions, alluring or haunting images; he probes into the soul of man and lays bare all his joys and his sorrows. It is as though he had forsaken the canals he loves so well—the green, calm, motionless canals that faithfully mirror the silent trees and moss- EPUBcovered roofs—and had adventured boldly, unhesitatingly, on the broad river of life... Like this book? Read online this: Choosing the Right Thing to Do, In Life, at Work, in Relationships, and for the Planet, Destiny's Revenge (Destiny, #2).

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