Wide, Wild, Everywhere

EPUB EBook by Alexandria V. Nolan

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10 lives. Wide, Wild, Everywhere EPUB EBook 10 cities. 10 stories.

Wide, Wild, Everywhere is a trip through various lives, experiences, attitudes and adventures. From a man who bristles at the kindness of others, to a woman desperately trying to piece together the life she has never lived, or a girl haunted by her hatred for her long- EPUBdead sister... and all things in between.

A reminder of how all life is connected, except when it's not. And how much we need each other, except when we don't. The stories weave in an out of each other, shedding light onto what it means to wander this world, and the heartbreaking (or heartwarming?) fact that wherever you go...there you are. Like this book? Read online this: Lives Beyond Life, Wild Wild Sunflower Child Anna.

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