Wide Awake A Vampire Romance

EPUB EBook by Jade Cooper

EBook Description

Tess never asked to be a part of a world filled with vampires and werewolves, but she’s been caught up in a tragic moment; download; one that has sealed her fate and marked her as a target. Wide Awake A Vampire Romance EPUB EBook The werewolves have scented her trail and want her bad. She has no choice but to accept the protection of a vampire who wants to do so much more than guard this beauty.

As a vampire, Symon is benevolent. As a leader, he is fair. As a lover he is primal, controlling and borders on barbaric. He means to take what what he has claimed and damn the consequences. He’ll never allow anyone else to punish his beauty.

Can the vampire prince deliver on his promise to keep her safe from the wolves? Can Tess stand the heat of his shocking desires?

One night, one terrible mistake…

For the first time ever Tess’s eyes are wide open. For the first time in her life, she’s wide awake.

(This book is a second edition previously published as Consumed; Dark Destiny by Taylor Shaw. It has been completely re- EPUBwritten and is a complete, stand alone book in Jade's new series Kindred Souls. Visit eroticaromance.net for more info.)

**Warning: Explicit sexual content** Like this book? Read online this: Tess of the D'Urbervilles, The Wide-Awake Princess (Wide-Awake Princess, #1).

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