Why Johnny Can't Read--And What You Can Do About It

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This is a highly opinionated book. Why Johnny Can't Read- EPUB-And What You Can Do About It EPUB EBookIt is inflammatory. Mr Flesch believes the educational system is completely misguided in their approach to reading.Although schools now say they use a 'balanced literacy' approach, locally our schools still follow the same outdated sight-words methods.. and Mr Flesch hit the nail on the head.

I loved it.

As a parent to a sight-words failure, this information is exactly what I needed.And it explains a number of issues my 'good' reader had as well (couldn't spell his way out of a wet paper bag, a lot of guessing, no comprehension).

But you can read the reviews for that stuff yourself.

What I wanted specifically to talk about is his phonics lessons in the back of this book.Between those incremental lessons and my instruction, my non-reading, book phobic daughter is finally reading effectively.Unlike her sight-words brother, she doesn't guess and can easily sound out almost anything.It is not exaggeration to say the lessons in this book were life-changing for her.And with a better understanding of the role of phonics in reading, I was able to suppliment my son's knowledge and he is a better reader, better speller, and enjoys the activity much more.

I understand the appeal of sight-words lists: kids seem to read much faster, and it looks stunning.Phonics can be a drag, is slow, and can be boring.But the journey is worth it.Mr Flesch has my undying devotion. Like this book? Read online this: High Frequency Words - Practice Level 3 Sight Words, I'm Going to Read (Level 1) (Level 1): The Prince Has a Boo-Boo! (I'm Going to Read Series).

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