Who's Loving You

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This book was WAY better than it's part one, Sweeter Than Honey but I have to say that this STILL doesn't seem like a Mary B book :( This novel was interesting but I am wondering where the REAL Mary B Morrison a. Who's Loving You EPUB EBookk.a Honey B went! I am going to read part 3 because I feel obligated and sadly I hear there is a part 4 on the way :( I want this series to just be over it isn't that good. Back to this book, it is all over the place. Boring in some spots, but a page turner in others. The characters talk to themselves A LOT in this series. Their whole chapter could be them talking in their own heads. This book ending VERY abruptly. I turned the page thinking I was going to the next chapter because I had almost an inch worth of pages to go but it was the end. Shockingly. The rest of the pages were poems, chapters from her other books, and some types of letters. Would I recommend this book? No.
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