Who Will Help Santa This Year?

EPUB EBook by Jerry Pallotta

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Bestselling author Jerry Pallotta reveals how the elves became Santa's favorite helpers!

This year the job is just too big, and Santa Claus needs help in his workshop! He posts a sign in his yard, and soon the applicants start arriving. Who Will Help Santa This Year? EPUB EBook But the mermaids get the toys wet. The fairies leave glitter everywhere. The gnomes think brussels sprouts make great presents. And the wizards? The wizards have turned Santa into a frog! Just when things are looking desperate, the elves arrive to save the day!

This humorous peek behind the scenes at the North Pole is told in Jerry Pallotta's kid- EPUBfriendly style and beautifully illustrated in glorious colors by David Biedrzycki. Like this book? Read online this: Naughty Mommy and Santa's Helpers, History of the Mogul Dynasty in India; From Its Foundation by Tamerlane, in the Year 1399, to the Accession of Aurengzebe, in the Year 1657.

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