Whirlwind Love Libby's Journey

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In search of her dream, he became her world. Whirlwind Love Libby's Journey EPUB EBook..

After 29- EPUByear-old Libby Morgan settled her niece, Megan, into college, she’s heading west to fulfill her ten-year-long dream of photographing a hot-air balloon “Freedom Festival” at the Grand Canyon in her parents’ refurbished RV.

No one could have predicted where her road would actually take her.

Disillusioned, 35-year-old Joe King is fed-up with the music business and is looking forward to the end of their two-week state fair tour forced onto him by his ruthless manager. His band, The Brothers King, should be headlining instead of opening. He’s weary of carrying his 31-year-old, irresponsible brother Chuck, who refuses to grow up past a teenage-mentality. The guitargod's groupies are only too willing to participate in his exploits, so why should he grow up? New management has driven Joe and TBK down, but his need for control might be consumed by his darkness.

Take the journey with Libby across the United States, as she crosses into Joe’s crazy world of music and madness, and see who comes out the other side. Like this book? Read online this: List of Officers of the Royal Regiment of Artillery from the Year 1716 to the Year 1899, Unforgettable Love (Journey of Love #3).

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