When You Love Someone (Darley, #1)

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New York Times–bestselling author Susan Johnson serves up another delicious dose of historical romance in this tale of the unfortunately married Lady Grafton and the ultimate ladies' man, Julius, Marquis of Darley. When You Love Someone (Darley, #1) EPUB EBook

The time is 1788. Elspeth, Lady Grafton, a vicar's daughter, is caught in a purgatory of a marriage to an older man, commonly referred to as Old Hellfire. Her marriage was prompted only by the need to provide her brother with a commission in the army. At first, her virtue and virginity present Darley with the ultimate challenge: to seduce the unseduceable. But then he becomes the one seduced. The relationship that develops between the two is charming, and readers will find it satisfying to watch the ultimate rake fall so completely in love. Ginger Curwen Like this book? Read online this: Historical Duo/Marriage Made In Money/Caught In Scandal's Storm, Love Ain't Nothing but Sex Misspelled / The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World (Edgeworks, #4).

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