When Grandma Came

EPUB EBook by Jill Paton Walsh

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A grandmother has travelled the world over, but she always comes back to visit her young granddaughter. When Grandma Came EPUB EBook This a rhyming story about her travels of the world and her time with her granddaughter. “I have been to the bush in Australia, far away, and met the kangaroo bounding across the grasslands….but I have never, no never met anything as bouncy as you!” Young children will enjoy the getting a look at the different parts of the world while listening to story of the grandmother’s love for her granddaughter. As the story goes on, Madeleine (the granddaughter) grows from a messy little baby to a young lady (maybe 4 to 7 years).

A nice simple story for a classroom library.Great illustrations and geography. Like this book? Read online this: The Story of World War II, Grandma's Cat.

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