What White Looks Like

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In the burgeoning field of whiteness studies, What White Looks Like is the first volume in which the subject is addressed by African- EPUBAmerican philosophers. What White Looks Like EPUB EBook George Yancy has brought together a group of thinkers who address the problematic issue of whiteness as a category requiring serious analysis. What does white look like when viewed through philosophical training and African-American experience? In this volume, Robert Birt asks if whites can 'live whiteness authentically'. Janine Jones examines what it means to be a goodwill white. Joy James tells of beating her 'addiction' to white supremacy, while Arnold Farr writes on making whiteness visible in Western philosophy. What White Looks Like brings a badly needed critique and philosophically sophisticated perspective to a central issue of contemporary society. Like this book? Read online this: The Future of Whiteness, Desired By The White Vampire (The White Vampire #1).

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