What Really Matters for Struggling Readers

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Have you noticed that every new educational method, material and program is "research based" or "scientific"?Everything these days is the new miracle that will transform your classroom into the model learning environment. What Really Matters for Struggling Readers EPUB EBookThank God for Richard Allington!He sorts through years and years of research to focus on the big picture of what research really says about the needs of struggling readers.

Here are but a few things that I found especially interesting:
*Developing phonics skills and phonemic awareness in K- EPUB1st is supported by research but not in higher grades.
*Use www.whatworks.ed.gov to find ratings on what really works with various educational programs
*It is estimated that 80% of the rich/poor reading gap is due to "summer setback"
*The only reading program that has been proven to work is "Reading Recovery"
*The amount of reading that students do in and out of school is positively related to their reading achievement
*Worksheets and workbook pages don't work
*Students need books that are at their level
*Struggling readers need explicit demonstrations of comprehension strategies
*"Fidelity to a flawed program is not a virtue" !!!
*Dibels is a waste of time ; download; )
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