What I Did On My Midlife Crisis Vacation

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This saucy memoir is the oh- EPUBso-honest and humorous account of the author s personal journey through a string of compelling adventures and ideologies of the woo-woo kind. What I Did On My Midlife Crisis Vacation EPUB EBook Her story begins with confusion and discontentment that catalyzes bold life changes and sends her roaming in search of magic, miracles, and a deeper grasp of the metaphysical nature of reality. In a unique style akin to confessional reporting, she shares with you her keen insights into human behavior as you meet a plethora of colorful characters and occasional charlatans. With some good belly laughs, she effectively sorts out the wheat from the chaff—-both within herself and the New Age world she s romping in. It becomes an inadvertent healing pilgrimage full of expansive revelations, and through the process of en-lightening up she emerges clear-headed and self-empowered with inspiration to spare.
Back Cover: Unlike the stereotypical man of yesteryear, this odyssey is not spelled out in T-top candy apple red sports cars, toupees, and young, taut arm candy riding shotgun. This magical mystery tour of mid-life transition involves strapping on one s gravity boots and misinformation-decoder goggles for the dimensional-fold-traipsing journey of a midlifetime. This is far more than based on a True story. No m'animals nor dames were harmed in the making of this quest, yet donning personal protective equipment before reading is recommended. Saddle up, hang on and enjoy the insights of the evolution show! —-Miss Hat
I must say that this is the funniest book ever! It is the book that you and your friends will be passing around and talking about all year long! —-Rita Reviews
Never preachy, DeRose gives voice to many of the same concerns other mid-lifers may be too afraid to admit...and quickly diffuses any fear with her wacky humor. —-Reader Views
She has exactly the right balance of skepticism and open-mindedness to make the writing have universal appeal, however much the reader personally believes in all that woo. —-Madhouse Reviews Like this book? Read online this: Spanish humor in story and essay; a book of selections for class reading, The Midlife of Dudley Chalk.

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