We Adopted You, Benjamin Koo

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I am currently looking for books to help my children now and future children understand and perhaps relate to feelings of other kids who have expereinced adoption. We Adopted You, Benjamin Koo EPUB EBook Especially inter- EPUBracial adoption. I think this book did an excellant job of providing that perspective. It is written like a 9 year old boy from Korea is telling the story of his adoption and also of his sister, who was born in Brasil. I love how the family celebrates traditions from both countries. The boy explains how he went through a time of anger toward his parents thinking they were not his "real" parents, and how he deals with teasing at school. He also discussed the first time he realized he looked different from everyone else at school. These are real issues kids face, and real feelings, and I was glad they could be addressed from the view of one who has expereinced it, and is still young. He ends the book by saying "Take it from me. I'm Benjamin Koo Andrews. I'm nine, and I know".Very cleaver. A very useful book that I may even purchase for our family's own use. Like this book? Read online this: The Handy Answer Book for Kids (and Parents, How It Feels to Be Adopted.

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