Warm Bodies Sequel (Warm Bodies, #3)

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I'm about 70% of the way through writing it and expect to finish in early 2015. Warm Bodies Sequel (Warm Bodies, #3) EPUB EBook It's going to be a much bigger book (it's already 60 pages longer than WARM BODIES) and a much bigger story. I'm not ready to say much about the plot yet, but here are a few questions that I've been asking myself since I wrote WARM BODIES' last page:

What will life be like for R as a new human? How will he fit into society? How will such an alienated social infant handle a romantic relationship? Will he remember his past, and what will that do to the new person he's trying to become?

What happens to the Dead after the "cure" begins to spread? What is the cure? What are the Dead and why do they exist? What else exists? Just how weird has the world become if it's allowing mythical undead monsters to become real? How is humanity dealing with this new reality, and how will bad people exploit it to regain power and rebuild the old status quo?

And most importantly: how do R and Julie spread the revolution they started? Can something as old and stubborn as human nature be challenged? If given a blank page, can we rewrite ourselves? Can the world change? Like this book? Read online this: Student Study Guide to The Early Human World, Warm at Home.

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