Warlord's Mercy (Barbarian Claim, #4)

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Book 4 of the Barbarian Claims series. Warlord's Mercy (Barbarian Claim, #4) EPUB EBook
Tolui, a clone of a powerful Warlord, is a male without a homeland or a future. He’s doomed to never mate, and ruthlessly wages war, seeking to give his clone brothers a planet system to call their own, a place where they can live without persecution.
When Tolui crashes on a deserted planet and meets a small human female, he discovers everything he knows about clones is a lie. Lea, his destined mate, unleashes the passion he’s suppressed over his lifetime. He wants her. He needs her. He’ll do anything to bond with her.
But he won’t share her. Tolui’s greatest battle will be the fight for Lea’s heart. To win her love, he’ll face hundreds of his clone brothers, men who look exactly like him.
A Romantica® futuristic erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave Like this book? Read online this: His Mate- Brothers- Shaw and Paden-, Beg For Mercy (Mercy Hollings #1).

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