War of Hearts (Arena Wars #2)

EPUB EBook by Samantha Hoffman

EBook Description

Alanna and Quinten are in danger once more, this time for the sole reason of loving each other. War of Hearts (Arena Wars #2) EPUB EBook The Council of werewolves threatens to have them executed if they don't obey the laws set forth, but how can you deny what's so good for you and your heart?

Forced to go on the run, Alanna and Quinten find themselves in a new city with nobody to trust, except for the vampire assassin Violet Mays. She's been hunting her own kind for years, ever since the death of her werewolf mate at the hands of Roger Mason. Violet plans to keep Alanna and Quinten alive for as long as possible, knowing they're her best chance at finally getting revenge.

An untimely surprise threatens to bring both sides down on them, and there seems to be no way to fix things, other than all- EPUBout war. Alanna knows that her family will all be there for her, ready to fight until the end, but Alanna now has something even more precious to fight for... Like this book? Read online this: Elene; Judith; Athelstan, or, The fight at Brunanburh; and Byrhtnoth, or The fight at Maldon, Still the Arena of Civil War.

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