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“Wally Olins: The Brand Handbook”, by Wally Olins, helped me to see the world of marketing in a completely different light. Wally Olins - EPUB The Brand Handbook EPUB EBook As Olins says in the book, “Many people talk about branding but few people know how to actually do it”. This book is about brands, specifically what they are and how to create then manage one. In the beginning of the book, Olins gives examples of branding, as seen from the outside. He then writes about people’s perception of brands, and establishes that there is much more to a brand than what meets the eye. After laying down the basics of branding, he moves onto the inside of brands and takes the reader behind the scenes of some of the most successful brands out there. Deeper analysis is given of those brands’ inner structures, then advice is given for how to create, renovate and manage one’s own brand.

While the entire book is information packed and to the point, I would never have finished this book if its beginning was like its end. Like many non-fiction books of its likeness, this book began with an introduction to the topic. With the help of photos and captions, this section gave an overview of the general definition of a brand, and demonstrated the ways in which a brand can represent its products and vice-versa. This picture-filled section went by the fastest, and the pictures soon turned into diagrams and captions into paragraphs. This part analyzes the big global brands mentioned in the introduction, and explains concepts like brand architecture and visibility. Diagrams helped me make sense of, for example, the difference between corporate and monolithic brand structures. These less visual sections were more informational than the introduction, and I found the variety of brand structures and display methods fascinating. It was in the last part of this book that pictures and diagrams disappeared, and paragraphs turned into longer paragraphs of small font-size. This part was about branding’s influence on business, and talked about it from a more professional point of view. I saw the information in this part as the skeleton of brands- underneath the bright colors and fonts that we, consumers see, and even going deeper than most of the brand’s employees’ knowledge of the brands. Topics examined include development of branding programs, when and why to introduce branding and finance. By then, all pictures and diagrams were gone, and I was left on my own in a sea of business language and concepts. While the overall voice was still casual, I found myself getting a little lost towards the end, and I had to reread a couple pages. This book is great because unlike many other informational books, it doesn’t try to impress with fancy words, and simplifies complex topics so that anybody can understand.
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