Walking on Water

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Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water,” Peter said, and Jesus’ simple response was, “Come. Walking on Water EPUB EBook” Peter had the faith that, if Jesus asked him, he could do anything—no matter how impossible the task appeared. We, too, desire to do all the Lord asks. However, often life’s trials and uncertainties and even the Lord’s commandments—especially that all- EPUBencompassing injunction, “Be ye therefore perfect”—make that objective appear as impossible as walking on water. Yet the Savior also calls to us across the darkness, “Come.” Brother Wilcox shares insights from scriptural stories about “walking on water” to help us remove doubt and fear from our lives. Like this book? Read online this: Walking on Water, SHTF Preparedness. How to Purify Water. 25 Methods For Water Filtration and Purification To Survive a Disaster.

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