Waking Up to What You Do

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Life is rising up to meet us at every moment. Waking Up to What You Do EPUB EBook The question is: Are we there to meet it or not? Diane Rizzetto presents a simple but supremely effective practice for meeting every moment of our lives with mindfulness, using the Zen precepts as tools to develop a keen awareness of the motivations behind every aspect of our behavior—to "wake up to what we do"—from moment to moment. As we train in mindfulness of our actions, every situation of our lives becomes our teacher, offering priceless insight into what it really means to be happy. It's a simple practice with transformative potential, enabling us to break through our habitual reactions and to see clearly how our own happiness and well- EPUBbeing are intimately, inevitably connected to the happiness and well-being of everyone around us.  Like this book? Read online this: At What Moment, Waking Up in the Wrong Bed.

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