Waiting for Lefty and Other Plays

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I would disagree with those that say Odets is dated. Waiting for Lefty and Other Plays EPUB EBook If anything, poverty and class has become more relevant than ever, and the basic undercurrent of feelings is still there.
Play by play, Waiting for Left and Awake and Sing! are the two best pieces in the collection, followed by Golden Boy. The other three are fine and worth the read, but if you've been exposed to American media a lot of the tropes and the ideas Odets used back then are the norm now— which is interesting if you are studying stereotypical storytelling, as a lot of these stories have what we consider now common. Rocky movies? Check. Underground Nazi rebellions? check. The two plays that are out of the norm are Awake and Sing! and Rocket to the Moon (which didn't personally interest me that much, but I feel it is well written). Overall, worth approaching with a mind that isn't focused on the texts being "outdated," but rather relevant in the feelings and the subject of class differences. Like this book? Read online this: A Doctor Worth Waiting For (Medical Romance, 300), Lefty Kreh's Ultimate Guide to Fly Fishing.

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