Wait for Me, Phantom Horse (Phantom Horse, #6)

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The Pullein- EPUBThompson sisters — Josephine Pullein-ThompsonMBE (3 April 1924-[1]), Diana Pullein-Thompson (born 1 October 1925) [2]and Christine Pullein-Thompson (1 October 1925–2 December 2005[2]— are British writers of several horse and pony books (mostly fictional) aimed at children and mostly popular with girls. Wait for Me, Phantom Horse (Phantom Horse, #6) EPUB EBook They started at a very young age (initially writing collectively) and they were at their peak in the 1950s and 1960s, but their popularity has endured. They have written a collective autobiography Fair Girls and Grey Horses.

All 3 sisters have written at least 1 book under a different name; download; Josephine wrote 1 under the pseudonym of Josephine Mann, Diana 3 books under her married name of Diana Farr and Christine wrote 2 books under the name of Christine Keir.

Their mother, Joanna Cannan (1898–1961), sister of the poet May Cannan, wrote similar equestrian stories, but is better known for detective mysteries. Like this book? Read online this: Title Institutio Oratoria of Quintilian/Books VII-IX, Phantom Horse (Saddle Club, #59).

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