Visions of the Vampire Queen (Book 1) (Book 1)

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She is the first of their kind, the first vampire to have ever walked the earth. Visions of the Vampire Queen (Book 1) (Book 1) EPUB EBook Vampire Queen Louisa has ruled over the vampires for centuries, but her disgust with the world as it was in the 1800's caused her to take up a secluded life with a village of humans in a remote part of the Caribbean. Her arrival to the island had been foreseen in their peoples' ancient prophecies, so they embrace her arrival. She is the Bringer of Life and Death bestowed to them by the Gods, and she a Goddess herself sent to ensure their safety from pirates and other "outsiders" threatening their safety and way of life.

Her life on the island is happy, serene. Her time with the villagers has taught her empathy for the human race, helping her find her own humanity. Visions of a vampire revolution, and a possible war between vampires and humans has caused her to make an impossible choice. Leave the island and resume her rule over the vampires before they expose the existence of her kind to the world, or stay in the hopes that others of her kind will step up and stop these revolutionary vampires in her absence.

Her final concern is for Len, a villager who has made her feel an emotion she has never felt before, love. Does she stay with him? Or does she do what she swore she would never do, turn him so he can travel to the new world as her new King?

Length: approx 23,000 words. (Novella)

**The book contains adult content including graphic and explicit sex, language, and violence.** Like this book? Read online this: War (Vampires and the Life of Erin Rose #4), Web of the Spider Queen (Song of the Ancestors Book 1).

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