Villains Inc., Episode Two (Villains Inc. #2)

EPUB EBook by Marion G. Harmon

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With a little help from old and new friends, Astra has solved the mystery of Blackstone’s murder in the old time- EPUBline. Villains Inc., Episode Two (Villains Inc. #2) EPUB EBook But now she, and the rest of the Sentinels, have to keep history from repeating itself—or at least riffing on the same theme, this time for higher stakes, as the would-be killer brings together a group of supervillains to recreate an old foe faced by the original Sentinels: Villains Inc. The escalating violence generates public animosity, and an unscrupulous politician used the crisis to turn Chicagoans against their most powerful protectors, while Astra learns that there are limits to the protection granted by a secret identity.

Attacked, the Sentinels must scramble to learn the nature of their attackers. One thing is certain: the new Villains Inc. means business. Like this book? Read online this: Earth Sentinels, Villains' Paradise.

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