Vietnam War

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This book, "Vietnam War" is one of the books in the Eyewitness books so it is a book full of facts and information about the Vietnam War. Vietnam War EPUB EBook It's not told like a story. It's just presented with different facts, lists, and information about the war, soldiers, countries, weapons, and other stuff.Reading about history, especially wars, is one of my favorite subjects.I learned a lot from this book too because it gives you information from different sides.Along with the facts that are in it there are a lot of pictures from that time that are really good and go along with the information you are reading.

Since my grandfather was in this war, I really enjoyed learning about the people who were fighting in it and even people who were against it and protested.If you are interested in learning about one the wars that America has been in, then I recommend this book especially if you like short facts and all kinds of information about everything to do with the Vietnam War. If you like that, then you will love this book! Like this book? Read online this: The Year Book of Daily Recreation and Information, The Vietnam War.

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