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this bad boy (before it got nicked along w/ my man- EPUBbag that had all my important memories/items sans passport + wallet; download; but i digress) just got me through my month in viet nam. Vietnam EPUB EBook but a lot of the times the places that LP recommends end up being lame b/c they think they're justin timberlake b/c they made it into LP and always jack up their prices (mostly talking about some restaurants but it's hit or miss b/c some of the shit they recommend is legit). but whenever you're travelling alone and are looking to link up w/ some new mates, just do the things LP recommends b/c that's what we're all doing out here. the maps could've been better and i coulda used more color photos though. but word on the skreet is the next edition comes out the end of this august. Like this book? Read online this: Little Books about Important Things, The Vietnam War.

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