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I always enjoyed Van Gogh's work, but never truly understood nor identified myself with his art. Van Gogh in Arles EPUB EBook After visiting Arles, France this spring and understanding HOW GORGEOUS this village/city is - EPUB I needed to read more about his time in Arles. I myself fell for Arles.

This entire book is compiled of letters either written by Vincent to his brother Theo,other family members, and his friends and fellow painters such as Gauguin, Emile Bernard and others. It is a historical and well documented 15 months story of Van Gogh's time living in Arles, France and painting. It documents his anxieties, illnesses, paintings, relationship to his brother Theo, and the everyday struggles of adapting to a new area. I really enjoyed learning more about Van Gogh's paintings and the background and planning that went into each individual painting.

It is amazing to read his views and detailed description of color, and his perceptions of ideas and surroundings. Van Gogh is a very passionate artist who struggled with his artistic passions and real life expectations. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in a well documented 15 months stay in Arles, which gives you a great understanding who Vincent Van Gogh was.

I am intrigued and am waiting impatiently to receive the "Yellow House" another book on the times in Arles, which apparently focuses more on the 9 weeks of Gauguin and Van Gogh communal living situation.

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