Vampires of Prague

EPUB EBook by Elliot Mabeuse

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It's on the midnight train to Prague that Lydia Devinau meets Dr. Vampires of Prague EPUB EBook Szandor Arnyak and is swept up into the vampire's shadowy world of dark love and macabre horror. Szandor is infected with the vampire's curse and can only forestall his conversion into one of the living dead by indulging himself in the very depths of sexual vice, and Lydia is the perfect partner for his experiments in carnal depravity. She becomes his companion in his forays into the dark underbelly of the City of a Thousand Spires, but the link between Szandor and Lydia is deeper than either of them suspect and leads them through a tangled web of political intrigue and emotional discovery that culminates in a night of surreal horror as they confront a mystery concerning the origins of the very vampire race that is now out to destroy them. Like this book? Read online this: The Dead List (a paranormal serial killer dark fantasy horror thriller combining mystery and suspense), Prague.

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