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Not my favorite by Shaw but a good historical about settling of Australia- EPUB in particular the big cattle stations. Valley Of Lagoons EPUB EBookThe book begins and ends in the late 1950s then goes back to 1820s to follow the fortunes of several families and individuals, some transportees and other seeking their fortune in the new colony. The story continues thru the 1840s and the start of the gold rush era.

I think I prefer her more focused novels- this one had too many characters and too much going on. It covered politics, aborigine culture and bushwars, love triangles, corruption, outlaws, natural disasters, land grabs, rivalries and more!Too much to keep up with and no real central story.The ending seemed very abrupt and then you jump to the 1950s again and get a little bit more of "what happened" from the point of view of the descendants of those early settlers. Unfortunately not all the history was passed down so the current folk actually know less than the reader.

I believe these same families are the subject of another book by Shaw- one I have not read.I had to send to the UK for a used copy of this one. I read 4 or 5 of her books that must have had US editions back in the 80s, early 90s and was really taken with them.So, if you like Australian history and family sagas this was OK but not Shaw's best. Like this book? Read online this: 12 Early Readers - Kindergarten & Preschool - Learn To Read Stories and Number Books, Beneath Scarlett Valley (Scarlett Valley #1).

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