Unfriendly Competition (Canterwood Crest, #12)

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*some spoilers*
I have been following Canterwood Crest since the beginning. Unfriendly Competition (Canterwood Crest, #12) EPUB EBook At first I really enjoyed it, but then it became unrealistic and melodramatic. I get its supposed to be set at an elite boarding school and that these girls parents just flow money, but it was hard to relate. I also became frustrated when the main character made decisions that made absolutely no sense. Sasha seems to destroy most of her relationships and yet in the end she ends up with the perfect life. Hot boyfriend, dream BFF, perfect horse, queen of the campus likes her, blah blah blah. And the so called scary new girl is really Sasha's biggest fan. Although I have to say the series ended the way I expected. Sashas story wrapped up nicely, and I can't say I'll miss her. And thankfully it didnt leave any dramatic cliffhangers. I'm not sure that I will read the next series. The books were pretty good in the beginnning. Its sad to say the last ones weren't. Like this book? Read online this: Come to School, Dear Dragon (Modern Curriculum Press Beginning to Read Series), User Unfriendly.

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