Understanding Death and the Resurrection

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My dad gave me my own copy of this book to read after he finished it, shortly following the passing of my brother over four years ago. Understanding Death and the Resurrection EPUB EBookI have been reading it slowly since that time.It is a great resource for helping one understand what we know about death.I particularly was fascinated by the chapter called "Conditions and Circumstances of the Dead" because it offers a lot of great information, much of which I did not know before.I am typically cautious about accounts of trips to the other side of the veil, uncertain of how trustworthy a source might be, but the information found here all derives from the most impeccable of sources: scriptures and modern prophets.I appreciated that the authors here did not stoop into conjecture or fantasy.They stuck with facts supported by doctrine.Some other parts I found interesting included learning about the special abilities afforded to resurrected beings, as well as the information about the state of the Earth and animals following the Second Coming.We mortals already know a lot more about death than I previously realized.We are so blessed to have the light and knowledge of modern revelation!

There is just one criticism I have for this book.The thoroughness of this book is one of its great strengths, however, it can at times also be its weakness.There is a reason it has taken me four years to read.Some of the notes and commentary in the book are a little repetitive.Some even seem a little too obvious to really need stating.This makes it hard to read more than a little of this book at a time.I wonder if it is meant to be used more as a reference book than a read page by page book.It requires patient reading, however, if you stick with it, you will find yourself well- EPUBrewarded.I recommend this book to anyone, particularly anyone who has suffered a recent loss.You will learn much to give you reason to hope and feel greater peace when contemplating the state of your departed loved ones, as well as your own ultimate fate. Like this book? Read online this: Stuck Truck (Book 7 (Book 7: ck) (Phonics Reading Program: Nick Jr. Dora the Explorer, Pack 2), Understanding Death's Passage.

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