Unavoidable Turbulence (Shifting Reality, #3)

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When help is needed to evacuate paranormals from their homes to the strongholds, Boston Niska doesn’t hesitate to volunteer. Unavoidable Turbulence (Shifting Reality, #3) EPUB EBook They need more pilots and several jump right in, but Boston notices one in particular.

Gorgeous, delectable Seger Granite, who is nothing like the fairytales told about his kind. In fact, he is quite the opposite. Boston falls hard for the shy little pilot, hoping to help with the deep, unknown hurt Seger suffers from and keep his new man safe from all who want him.

Seger has a hard time coming to grips with what is going on in the world. All he wants to do is retreat to his family home and remain in the background, like he always has. But he can’t help but want to be with Boston and learn how to be a part of something—if he can convince Boston’s five meddling brothers that he’s worthy of Boston’s love.

Words, accusations, and misunderstandings litter their relationship in ways neither is equipped to handle. Will the two be able to pick up the pieces and find their way together, or will there forever exist unavoidable turbulence?
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