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Well, this was a book assigned for my Curriculum and Assessment class that I took this semester. Un- EPUBStandardizing Curriculum EPUB EBookI finished it awhile ago, and I didn't really like it, so I thought I'd wait and give myself some time to have some perspective on it before I wrote a review.

Anyway, it is (almost) a dated book about multicultural teaching, and, yet, it is discussed using the standards-based system that we are all forced to teach within.

I did end up liking a suggested assignment, that I ended up giving myself on pg. 92.It is entitled "Guide for Research Into Transformative Intellectual Knowledge."I took this assignment and used it for the Curriculum and Assessment class' big final project: I decided to come up with a curriculum unit discussing each minority group in musical theater.I bought several books and worked on the project and will be implementing it next semester as the students' research project to find a solo or duet to perform for their final from the minority writers' inventory of work.I also fell in love with the research I did in the Chicano Theater Movement and will be using it as my circus concept for the coming semester's production of PIPPIN.So...I guess I should thank this book for helping me find a concept that I'm excited to research and work on.

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