Typography (Basics Design #3)

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Another great instalment in this series, lots of inspiring examples of great typography in many different mediums. Typography (Basics Design #3) EPUB EBook The book covers the basics, typefaces, styles, anatomy of a typeface and classifications, with plenty of good images to illustrate points and terms.

It then leads onto setting type, the basics and rules followed by some more in depth information. Again, there are plenty of photos of work, and diagrams to help explain. Most of this I have read before and already knew, but there were some new bits and pieces in there about type that I didn’t know – worth a look to learn the basics of setting type, but also good as a refresher or reminder.

There is also a chapter on type generation – hand drawn type and designing a typeface – not a particularly in- EPUBdepth chapter, but if it makes you interested, there are hundreds of books on this subject out there…

Finally there are two chapters of examples of lovely typography – type realisation showing different materials and printing techniques and how they render type, followed by type in practice.

A good all round introduction to typography, with some good information on setting type, and a nice introduction to other aspects of typography, such as design, materials and print techniques. A definite recommendation! All of these books so far have been very good – lots of inspiring work and ideas to help kickstart a project. Like this book? Read online this: Introduction to Type and Teams, Basics Fashion Design 09.

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