Two Against the Sahara

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Documenting the nine month journey in 1986/87 of Michael Asher, and his wife Marinetta, who at the time of departure has been married for 5 days. Two Against the Sahara EPUB EBook The journey commenced in Mauritania, carrying on into Mali, Niger, Chad, Sudan and finishing in Egypt. Changing camels a few times, and running through around ten guides before becoming frustrated and carrying out a few stretches alone.

They became the first Europeans to cross Africa at it's widest point, travelling through the Sahara. It is worth pointing out that in Sudan live a surprising number of Mauritanian Muslims who have made a similar journey, but carried on to Mecca, and returned to Sudan to settle - EPUB presumably because in weighing up the return trip across the Sahara they decided Sudan was a good place to stay.

A well written, captivating book. This took place after Geoffrey Moorhouse's expedition along a similar route (although he did not complete it) and before Paula Constant made her journey (which ended in Niger). Like this book? Read online this: The Lost Boys of Sudan, Encyclopedia Of Africa South Of The Sahara.

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