Triple Shot Tracy (Hot River #1)

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EBook Description

Desperate for a break from her monotonous life, Tracy decides a trip to the country is exactly what she needs. Triple Shot Tracy (Hot River #1) EPUB EBook Little does she know that when she drives into Hot River Campground she’s about to enter a real life and very adult fairytale.

After paying her fee at the campground, Tracy has no idea that the host, a pixie- EPUBlike lady called Miranda, has hit her with fairy dust. The magic begins that very night when she is seduced three times by the most gorgeous man she has ever met. First he teases her with toasted marshmallows. Then he tempts her with a swim in the river. Finally he shows her just how erotic a sleeping bag can be.

She wonders how one man can have so much energy, but her curiosity is soon satisfied when she is attacked by a wolf in man’s clothing. To her surprise, her campsite lover comes to her rescue, except he’s not one, but three. The Princeton triplets—Oakes, Jeb, and Tripp—had come to protect Tracy. They’ve fallen for her as hard as she’s fallen for them, but will anyone be safe with a werewolf on the loose? Like this book? Read online this: Twisted by Tracy Brown, Tracy Tam.

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